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CodeIgniter: No Output

The Problem  We experienced a problem when attempting to move one of our codeigniter (CI) websites from one server to another.  We performed the transfer of the files, database setup, and necessary config file changes.  Then came time to test, and... Nothing.  FireFox and IE7 both rendered a blank page. Debugging  We tracked down the problem, by…
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Install Drupal Modules via CVS

CVS deployment enables a whole new level of simple installation and upgrading.  To install a Drupal module using the standard method, you have to: Find the module on Wait for the Module to Upload Unzip the contents Connect to your FTP server Browse to the module directory Wait for the module to upload Using CVS installation,…
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SEO more important than ever

The importance of search engine optimization (SEO) is at an all time high, and the value of solid SEO is increasing daily.  A recent JupiterResearch and NPD Group "Blended Search Results Study" shows first page search-result-listings are vital for web traffic. Almost 7 out of 10 individuals surveyed clicked on a first-page search result.  Only 8%…
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UL Bullet Coloring with CSS

As we know, designers can never leave well enough alone.  The default css behavior is for bullets to be the same color as their associated list item <li>.  Although there are a number of solutions on the internet, this is the most simple, elegant, and universally compatible. Here is an example of what we're looking…
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