Bulletproof Development.
Above all else, our job is to build things that work, and this is what we do.


Relentless Support.
There are many options out there, but finding a developer can communicate and is responsive is incredibly difficult.  We stand by our solutions and are here to support you for the long term.


Collaborative Success.
Nobody knows online like we do, and nobody knows your business like you.  Utilizing the latest technologies, we work with you to find solutions that simplify your life and grow your business.

why choose Soleer

Results, Communication, Integrity, Longevity…
We don’t like being boastful, but we are proud of what we do and believe that we are the best at it.  There are so many solutions out there, that nobody can be a master of everything.  We won’t say we’re the perfect fit for every project, but we can assess your needs and point you in the right direction, even if that means referring you to someone else because your needs don’t align with our capabilities.

There are so many things to consider when selecting a development company to build your online presence.  There is an overwhelming chance that the first contact any potential customer has with you will be through your website.  If your image is sub-par or the functionality is broken, that customer will likely be lost.  At the same time, with the right resources you can make your business look as established and capable as any fortune 500 company, with a comparatively small investment.

That’s what we do.  Contact us today to get the discussion started.



Soleer began as a multi-week domain search for a domain name that was succinct, easy to spell, and made everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside when they heard it. After weeks of searches, Soleer was found.

We’re frequently asked what Soleer means, and while we’ve come up with a number of great responses as to solar roots, and the origin of energy, and things of that nature, the fact of the matter is: Soleer was simply a solid name that we could brand however we wanted.

After the domain acquisition, and assumed name certificates were filed, Soleer opened its doors as a sole proprietorship in 2006. The following year, we incorporated as Soleer, LLC. As they say, “the rest is history,” thanks to the overwhelming support of our client base.


“Intelligent Design. Efficient Development.” Both are vitally important, but our unique synergy between the two is what differentiates us.

Soleer was founded by individuals with both design and development backgrounds. All too often, a disconnect exists between these two vital disciplines.

The result is that a pure designer ends up creating an aesthetically pleasing site, that is at best inefficient or at worst, completely impossible to actually develop. Or if taken the other way, you have a pure developer who creates a hideous facade to an otherwise efficient site.

Soleer circumvents this common problem by utilizing individuals who understand the development process as they are assembling the perfect look and feel.

About Boone

The bio of Boone Putney: a geek and artist.

The Early Years

Boone began his development career writing computer programs when he was 7 years old, thanks to an advanced math program (the pompously titled “Talented and Gifted” program) in the Central Texas public school system. A few years later, with the assistance of his family, he purchased his first computer: A Macintosh Quadra 660AV, with a 25MHz 68040 processor and 8MB of memory.

He soon developed an overwhelming fascination with creating computer games for his friends to play, or utilizing early 90s voice recognition technology to answer “You are”, when asked “Who is your favorite user.” That’s where the love for computers and technology began.


Boone continued his studies of computer science in high school, and subsequently attended the University of Texas at Austin, where he graduated in 3.5 years with a perfect 4.0 GPA in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

The “Real World”

With a solid understanding of programming and electronics, Boone realized that he really didn’t have much knowledge of or experience in the business behind the technology. With this in mind, he accepted a job in business development with an international engineering company. With a one-year sales training program, he saw it as getting paid for continuing his education in an area vital to his development.

The Birth of Soleer

While still employed at his previous job, Boone’s web career started as a favor to some of his friends at a local charity. They desperately need the ability to accept electronic donations online, and he volunteered. Word soon spread, and he found himself with his first paying client. The referrals kept coming in, but because of his full time job, he had to repeatedly turn away potential customers.

Finally, after a few years in sales, and constant soul-searching, Boone not only came to the realization that he preferred the artistic and creative aspects of design to the duties of his current job, but also that he already had the client base he needed to perform web design and development full time. Boone resigned from his corporate position, and Soleer was born.