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PHP 4.3: Remove a specific key from an array

PHP 5+ provides the built-in function array_diff_key() which can be used to delete a certain key from an array.  Although I'm not proud of it, some of our customers' sites are still running versions prior to PHP 5.  This is how we delete a specific key from an array in PHP 4+ (4.3).  Let's say…
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Drupal: Custom Latest Posts

We're currently developing a Drupal community website for an up-and-coming society. On the community front page we wanted to display a list of the most recent forum posts. This can easily be accomplished using the Drupal API, and the forum_block() function, with the parameters ‘view', and the 0 for most active posts, and 1 for…
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Our New Site is LIVE

As you might have noticed, we just performed a total overhaul of our site. The navigation and layout should be more-or-less the same, but the overall site aesthetic is dramatically different, and should provide a better platform for future expansion. We plan on adding new capabilities including upgrading our portfolio, which is currently unavailable, but…
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External WordPress Function Integration

We recently came across the need to display recent posts in an area that wasn't part of our wordpress blog. This is how we solved the problem: I'm sure this is a common need for many people who have a index (home/front) page, where they would like to display teasers of recent blog entries. Most…
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