SEO more important than ever

The importance of search engine optimization (SEO) is at an all time high, and the value of solid SEO is increasing daily.  A recent JupiterResearch and NPD Group “Blended Search Results Study” shows first page search-result-listings are vital for web traffic.

Almost 7 out of 10 individuals surveyed clicked on a first-page search result.  Only 8% of respondents were willing to click results beyond the third page.  This continues a recent trend of search engine users refusing to dig into deeper search-result pages.

Instead of progressing into deeper search results, most users (over 9/10) simply altered their search terms or switched search engines.

eMarketer forecasts these dramatic trends to influence SEO spending in the next few years.  Companies are not only realizing the importance of quality search engine rankings, but also the relative cost efficiency of SEO investment.  By 2011, they forecast SEO spending to total 23% of search-marketing spending. 

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