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How to Display CiviCRM events on a Drupal Calendar:

How to Display CiviCRM events on a Drupal Calendar using CiviEvent's iCal Feed and the Drupal Calendar Module: Pre-requisits: You’ll need an instance of CiviCRM running on Drupal, (we’re using Drupal 5.5 with CiviCRM 1.9) with CiviEvents Enabled. Download & Install the following Drupal modules: Calendar: Views (required by Calendar): Date (required by Calendar):…
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Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 for Developers!

A major breakthrough for the web design & development communities... Yesterday (March 5th), at the MIX conference in Las Vegas, the IE team announced the availability of a developer beta of IE8 Beta 1 for Download.  This normally would not be such a huge deal, but the folks at Microsoft are actually trying to implement…
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Universal Browser Testing Methods

One of the most important responsibilities of a professional web developer is making sure that your designs are accessible to all. According to, the latest browser utilization rates are as follows: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x (IE6) - 36.9% Fire Fox (FF) - 34.5% Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.x (IE7) - 20.1% Opera (O) - 1.9%…
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Disabling Drupal Modules via your Database

Due to the occasional small (or large) fluke, your entire Drupal website can become inaccessible because of a module.  This is how you solve the problem: disable the specific module by altering values in your Drupal database. In our case, we'll use phpMyAdmin, but you can use whatever utility you prefer for database manipulation.  So,…
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